Faith Partnerships Programme

In working towards the full recognition, celebration, and participation of LGBTIQ+ persons in faith communities across Africa, we invite you to partner with us as an individual or as a leader within a faith community. You can do this in various ways:   

Start with a conversation  

We believe that change within faith communities happens over time, within relationship, and that there are no blueprints that can be followed blindly. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us for a conversation.  

Processes towards transformation and diversity cannot take place without having a few initial readiness conversations. Readiness work begins with strategic conversations that include strategic partners and strategic IAM staff in order to begin a process conversation that aligns IAM’s mission, vision and focus with that of the possible strategic partner. Contact Louis van der Riet to set up an appointment: 

Reflect on inclusivity and affirmation in your faith community

IAM has developed a way for you to reflect on how inclusive your church really is. By completing this  questionnaire on inclusivity and affirmation, you can not only assess how you are currently aligned with LGBTIQ+ inclusion, but you can also identify how you can do more. There are many ways to become increasingly inclusive, whether through policy changes, bible studies, living into your values, creating facilitated spaces for dialogue, or by offering care and support.

Download and use our resources 

There are a number of resources available to download for free on our website. This includes resources on reading the Bible and inclusive theologies, how to create transforming dialogue spaces, as well as other best practices for faith leaders. Join us in continuing to develop resources, processes and methodologies that enable inclusive theologies and queer interpretations of the Bible.

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