IAM works to achieve its vision and mission through three main programmes:

IAM targets the leadership and wider congregations of select denominations in South Africa that we work with to encourage their movement towards more inclusive and affirming positions of the full diversity of sexual and gender identities and people living with HIV. IAM also works with the next generations of church leaders to spark a demand for greater inclusion and transformation.

IAM supports the development of strong, mature LGBTIs (including PLHIV) and PFFs who are empowered to assert themselves and embrace diversity in all contexts, based on an integration of their faith and understanding of their own and other’s diversity.

Change isn’t restrained by borders. A strong network of IAM partners and allies exists throughout Africa, providing mutual support and solidarity to increase the legitimacy and visibility of local movements for LGBTI and PLHIV of faith. Partners make use of IAM’s transformational Wheel of Change (WoC) methodology, which includes sharing of life-stories, contextual Bible studies and dialogue to move towards inclusion by embracing diversity (both sexual and gender identity and people living with HIV / Aids) in their own country contexts. IAM supports the network both indirectly through support for implementing change methodologies, as well as directly through trainings and workshops. IAM is also a representative of the region at various global collaboration events and for a, amplifying an alternative voice of African faith community even further.