IAM’s theory of change highlights the process of transformation through diversity awareness (open minds), real dialogue encounters (open hearts),and more inclusion (open doors) within faith communities.

IAM’s Theory of Change – Wheel of Change (WoC)

IAM learned over the past 19 years (through trial and error) that there is a way to create change regarding a contentious and controversial issue like homosexuality within faith communities in Africa. IAM developed a theory of change that finds a way forward in an inclusive and affirming way to create safe spaces for real dialogue to happen, that acknowledges diversity and differences regarding sexuality, yet hold togetherness as equally important our common humanity, all “created in the image of God” and loved by God. IAM shares and promotes this theory of change in order for individuals and groups to learn from our experience, avoid re-inventing the wheel, and better understand the change processes and focus on becoming outcome based change agents with maximum impact.