IAM has worked in close partnership with the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN) since 2013. During that time, the partnership has grown and developed to include an annual IAM scholarship for minority sexualities in Africa to support a UKZN student pursuing advanced degrees, collaboration on projects like a Pastoral Care Manual with UKZN’s Ujamaa Centre, and jointly hosting and supporting various events, workshops and lectures. IAM’s role is largely to provide embodied realities to the academic issues that students and faculty are exploring, and to help one another bring big academic concepts to life. 

UKZN’s Charlene van der Walt, and three UKZN students reflected powerfully on the importance of the work that IAM is doing in faith communities and with LGBTIQ+ individuals.

Professor Charlene van der Walt, Head of Gender and Religion Programme at UKZN, has worked closely with IAM since her time at Stellenbosch University and values their close collaboration.

Tracey Sibisi, Coordinator at the Gay and Lesbian Network, was awarded IAM’s 2019 scholarship for her Honours studies, and is a current Gender & Religion Masters candidate at UKZN.

Sizwe Sithole is a Gender and Religion PhD Candidate at UKZN who has worked with IAM on personal transformation.

Nandi Makhaye is IAM’s 2020 Scholarship Holder and Gender and Religion PhD Candidate at UKZN.

You can watch the four short videos here.