• G11

    IAM staff members, Ecclesia de Lange (right) and Michelle Boonzaaier, engaging with students at a presentation hosted by IAM on Dialogue.
  • G9

    The route of the Pride travelled through the streets of Nyanga where homophobia is a major problem and homosexuality is seen as un-African.
  • G6

    Geoff & Eileen Stenekamp are parents of a gay son who has written a book on their journey to find answers to human sexuality.
  • G5

    Rev. Hein Kotzé has a gay daughter whose wedding he presided over himself. Here he is holding the poster of the local newspaper.
  • G4

    Dr Charlene van der Walt, one of IAM’s staff members, is busy teaching Moravian students.
  • G3

    During the Holocaust homosexual people had to wear a pink triangle on their uniform to identify them as homosexuals.