The IAM + UKZN Gender and Religion Knowledge Production Incubator is a dynamic, collaborative, co-constructed teaching and learning space, exploring embodied lived realities situated at the intersection of gender, sexuality, and religion. The Knowledge Production Incubator allows for time and space to test intervention strategies and alternative pedagogical approaches.

The ‘My Gendered Being’ / Doll Exercise, primarily facilitated by Thuli Mjwara from IAM, is a tool that aims to nurture critical reflection pertaining to the embodied realities situated in the gender, sexuality, and religion intersection by starting from the body. Through the process of physically making a doll from haberdashery material, participants are guided through a series of production prompts and reflection questions to enable self-reflection and collective sharing. Participants are carefully guided through the course of a day to reflect on their own embodied learnings and experiences when it comes to the integration of sexuality and spirituality. Although challenging and confronting, the process enables deep learning, reflection, and the potential to connect.