The IAM + UKZN Gender and Religion Knowledge Production Incubator is a dynamic, collaborative, co-constructed teaching and learning space, exploring embodied lived realities situated at the intersection of gender, sexuality, and religion. It is an important example of working together for change across sectors and drawing on a diversity of learnings. The annual Knowledge Production Incubator brings together civil society actors, faith leaders, academics, and change-makers. It honours the fact that knowledge is produced in different spaces and through a variety of methods and that all of these different kinds of knowledge have value.

The aim of the creative co-constructed teaching and learning space is to enhance and expand theory, learnings, intervention tools, and strategies of change in order to capacitate faith and community leaders and African faith communities to have more comprehensive, nuanced, and life-affirming engagements when collectively exploring issues of gender and sexuality.

The 2022 version of the IAM + UKZN Gender and Religion Knowledge Production Incubator took place in Durban from 28 March to 1 April 2022 and allowed students, graduates, and staff from the Gender and Religion program at UKZN to journey with the IAM team through a week that held many challenges, learning, creativity, discomfort, and fun. Our time together again affirmed the gift of diversity and the fact that there is wisdom in working for change together.