Change Agents – “Open Doors”

1. Please indicate which one of the following played a role as change agent in your life regarding your own sexuality or your attitude towards others (Multiple answers possible)

IAM TrainingIAM staff membera friend or family membera church individualan articlenew understanding and reading of the BibleIAM resourcesOther: Please describe

2. Which of the following words would you use to describe your level of being a change agent?

Very active wherever I go and initiate dialogue and organize dialogueSpeak out regularly with family and friendsfairly activedon’t knowSometimesNot at all

3. What processes do you still need to go through to become a change agent?

I need more knowledgeI need more exposure to dialogueI need to integrate my spirituality and sexuality moreI need more empowerment and support

4. What support can IAM give you to become a change agent?

Invite to more trainings or dialogueOne-on-one assistance and supportMore Resources on………………………..