Survey C. Empowering

C. Empowering

Please indicate which one of the following you were part of that could have played a role in empowering you (Multiple answers possible)

1. Which of the following words would you use to describe your level of empowerment?

Very empoweredfairly empowereddon’t knowslightlyNot at all

2. If you were able to share your personal story, how did it make you feel?

strongempowered“lighter”don’t knowembarrassedbad

3. Do you think your story have changed others’ opinion of you or empowered others?

DefinitelyI hope sodon’t knowI do not think soIt had a negative effect

4. Do you feel empowered to do one or more of the following?

Initiate a dialoguehelp others to understand SO/GIgive a presentationTalk to your family and friendsorganize a story telling eventlead a contextual Bible Study sessionstand up against homophobia talk.Use and explain the Wheel of Change?