Program 1:
Transforming Denominations (Churches)

IAM’s theory of change highlights the process of transformation through diversity awareness (open minds), real dialogue encounters (open hearts),and more inclusion (open doors) within faith communities.

Addresses ignorance, intolerance and homophobia through education and empowerment to implement our theory of change.
Encourages people of faith to participate and commit as change agents for inclusivity on a personal and structural level.

Program 2:
Transformation and Empowerment of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, LGBTQIA+, people and parents, family and friends (PFFs)

IAM aims to transform and empower LGBTQIA+ and PFFs.
Empowers LGBTQIA+ people to integrate sexual orientation, gender identity and faith on a personal level.
Creates safe spaces for real engagement and dialogue in private and public spheres.
Discovers the dignity of difference and celebrates the gift of diversity in communities.
Empowers LGBTQIA+ and PFFs to become change agents for inclusivity.

Program 2 (Cont.):

iThemba Lam (iTL) is the hands-on implementation of open minds, hearts and doors in a township setting.

iTL is embraced as a positive community resource.
iTL shelter is a safe space for healing vulnerable and threatened LGBTQIA+ people, and for reconciliation with their families.

Program 3:
Regional Partnership in Africa

IAM partners with other African countries to enable them to implement a theory of change to create open minds, hearts and doors within their countries and communities.

IAM partners with LGBTQIA+ organisations and concerned individuals that share our vision of welcoming, affirming and inclusive faith communities.
IAM partners with Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, Uganda, Botswana and Zimbabwe and will continue to build partnerships through Africa through networking.