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    Staff member Rev Ecclesia de Lange participated in a panel-discussion on ‘What are we learning and where are the fault lines’ with regards to the “Homophobia and the Church” conference hosted on 7 & 8 April in Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu- Natal by The Other Foundation.
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    Staff member Arnold Motsau preparing to give feedback on the discussion “What are we really talking about?” in one of the sessions of day one.
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    In April 2008, the body of 31-year old Eudy Simelane, a soccer player on South Africa’s national women’s team, was found in a field in KwaThema township outside Johannesburg. She had been gang-raped and died from multiple stab wounds. Her parents attended the Inaugural Eudy Simelane Lecture during the Homophobia […]
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    The IAM Team and Dr Charlene van der Walt (right) from the Gender Unit Stellenbosch was the presenters of this year’s IAM’s Diversity workshop attended by the Master Divinity students of Stellenbosch. The workshop stretched over three days from 22 – 24 March.
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    One of the discussions focused on was Intersectionality, meaning the inter-relatedness between gender; sexual orientation; health, race, contextual theology, spirituality etc.
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    During this workshop students get various opportunities to give feedback and to discuss the various layers, complexities etc. of Diversity.
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    Earlier in August a Sexual Diversity workshop took place at iThemba Lam, IAM’s safe house in Gugulethu for vulnerable and threatened LGBTI people.
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    People from the community are generally eager to learn about the issues that brings division.
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    Note that many of these people attending the workshop are not youngsters but also from the older generation.