• Integer aliquam purus

    IAM staff members, Arnold Motsau & Judith Kotzé, walking towards the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg in anticipation of the court case to take place between Rev Ecclesia de Lange and the Methodist Church of South Africa.
  • Curabitur et ligula

    IAM’s director, Rev Judith Kotzé, showing her solidarity towards the court case of Rev Ecclesia de Lange that took place at the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg, 28 August 2015.
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    IAM supporters participated in the Cape Town Pride 2015, that took place in the city centre of Cape Town.
  • Court Case

    Staff members, Bulelwa Panda and Retha Benadé, attended the 2015 Khumbulani Pride hosted in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.
  • Place Holder

    Board member Rev Alan Storey participated in the 2014 Cape Town Pride with a very significant message.